Gijs Knoppert

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to sport? Take a look at Gijs Knoppert. He is 83 years old and he trains 5 times per week on the running track, as we can see from our office. This is very exceptional for that age of course. He has been training that much since he was young.

He did not win special prizes when he was young, but kept on training. That resulted in a very good condition in old age. When he was 48, he could still run 10km in 38:15, a marathon in 3:11:54 and he even managed to run 60km in 5 hours and 30 minutes!

When he became older, his body became a bigger difficulty. When he was 50 years old he had an injury to his foot. Heart problems also began when he was 70 and he took a break of 8 months from intensive training. However, he recovered from both and continued his training sessions after these problems

In January, he suddenly became very weak and was taken to the hospital. He was unconscious for a day and he caught pneumonia. He probably survived this, because of his good condition. In October he had to go to the hospital again for a surgery. During the surgery, his nerve has been hit. Now he is trying to recover.

After all of these incidents, he decided to continue his trainings 5 times per week. In December, he hopes to be on the same level as before the surgery. See this man as a good example and let yourself motivate to do your training!