Ideas and Committees

Do you have some good ideas for the organisation of a specific event, cantact or come to our office. We like it to organise some new sport events. Besides, we need some people for the following committees:


SWU Thymos will organize this year again a prom where sports clothes will be changed for dresses and suits. The perfect opportunity to go out with your sport mate you secretly fancy or just go out with your friends. Furthermore, it is an important moment because the sport woman/man/team/trainer of the year will be elected. Do you like organizing parties with style? Do you want to be in the centre of the prom or do you like to organize things on the background? Then we are looking for you! Don’t wait any longer and contact us on


Two years ago the student sports associations came with the idea to join forces in order to find sponsors. This led to a commission which has been working on a sponsor plan. This plan is almost finished and it is time to put the plan into practice. In order to do this we need enthusiastic new team members. Are you enthusiastic about sports and would you like to approach business for sponsoring? Then we are looking for you! Besides contacting potential sponsors we will also organise clinics for companies such that it becomes interesting for them to sponsor us. So the work we do varies and is good for your cv. If you are interested please send an email to for more information!

Board 2018-2019

From February, SWU Thumos will look for a new board. If you are interested in a full-time board year, keep an eye on our media channels or come to our office!