Acknowledged associations

Members of Thymos acknowledged sports clubs can get a subsidy on the subscription fee of the club. Only students with sportsrights can apply for this subsidy.

In and around Wageningen there are sports associations that practice sports which the SCB does not offer. To be able to support a broad variety of sports, SWU Thymos can acknowledge such associations.


Being acknowledged by SWU Thymos means that students with sports rights (at SCB) that want to become a member of one of these associations can apply for a subsidy on the contribution.

For information about the subsidy, click here.

Acknowledged associations
Aikido St. Sankaku
Baseball/Softball Matchmakers
Chess Schaakvereniging Wageningen
Gliding Zweefvliegclub Deelen
Golf Wageningse Golfclub
Horse Carriage Driving De Paardengroep
Hockey WMHC
Karate KenKon
Padel Keltenwoud
Rugby RCW