Employees of Wageningen UR and course participants of WI and WBS, all PhD students linked to Wageningen UR and all PhDers qualify for sports rights.
Let your WUR Card be activated for sports rights!

With an activated WUR Card, you can participate in the sports programmes that are not linked to the student sports clubs. You can also use the fitness area, the squash and tennis courts and the track. Furthermore, you can use the Swimming pool De Bongerd four times a week.

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Wageningen UR employees who have a SCB subscription must give one month's termination notice, which begins on the first day of the following month. Payment will automatically be deducted from the employee's salary.

Employees without a contract at Wageningen University can buy sports rights to 1 October of the following calendar year.

Per year Per month
Employees Wageningen UR Basic Sport € 240,- € 20,-
Employees Wageningen UR and partners Squash € 240,-* € 20,-
Employees Wageningen UR and partners Tennis € 125,-* € 10,50
Employees Wageningen UR and partners Swimming € 200,-* € 16,75
Partners Employees Wageningen UR Basic Sport € 594,-** € 49,50
Course participants from WI/WBS/ILRI-alterra (per month) N.v.t. € 28,50

* In combination with basic sports 10% reduction on the additonal package

** Excluding once-only costs WUR guest card € 5,50