Employees of Wageningen UR and course participants of WI and WBS, all PhD students linked to Wageningen UR and all PhDers qualify for sports rights.
Let your WUR Card be activated for sports rights!

The final sprint has been put on

Many books have been written to try to convince you about all the health benefits as a result of physical activities. But the last chapter of Covid-19 is still not written, although the final sprint has been put on.

The lockdown had far-reaching consequences for our Sports Centre. We can all recall the scenarios of closing down, reopening, restrictions of only outdoor sports, only younger than 27 years of age....

Sports rights were cancelled and sports gear was put into the closet. Online sports became a hit and The Netherlands changed en masse to biking, swimming and walking with the ‘ommetje’ app.

Now that we are almost at the end of this period, we would like to make you an offer to become a member again. We are allowed to offer as well an indoor as outdoor sports programme, but under restrictions. Therefore we would like to offer you a membership for free for the months June and July.

To become a member go to the application form at the bottom of the page.

Kind of sport rights employees (SRE)

Basis SRE

Squash SRE

Tennis SRE

Swim SRE

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If you activate your sports access on your WUR card before August 1, 2021, no fees will be subtracted from your salary.

Cancel sport rights, sent a mail to office.fb-sportscentre@wur.nl