Corporate HR Health

Courses to keep a healthy balance! Daily we are all busy with family, work, friends, the news, personal grow, targets, social media, hobby’s, internet, colleagues, relationships etc. A lot of information and tasks are passing by each day. Multitasking is a standard to deal with the complex details in our life. This can cost a lot of energy. As long as you keep a healthy balance between your energy takers and your energy givers this is not a problem. In case the energy takers are in the lead it can cause chronical stress or tiredness with all kind of mental and physical complaints.

Especially for the Wageningen University & Research employees, Corporate Human Resource (c-HR )and Sports Centre the Bongerd (SCB) cooperate to offer you different kind of ‘Fit&Vital' courses & classes to help you keeping the healthy balance in your daily life and to work on your personal grow. Whether you are looking for single sign in classes to keep you physical strong, consults for physical complaints or diary, courses in which you learn how to relax, courses where you can discover yourself and your boundaries or you want to become aware of your primary behaviour; you can find it at Sports Centre de Bongerd.

Each period there a several fit&Vital classes and courses which you can choose from and you can join as many times as you want. For the complete overview of the Fit&Vital courses see the Sports list on our website and click on 'Health' under the dropdownlist 'Kind'.

N.B. Not all courses are available throughout the year. Besides SCB offers you a once a month a fysiotherapist consult of 15 minutes.

Fit&Vital courses are offered by c-HR (free entrance) and only accessible by WUR-employees.

A beautiful chance to do something about your situation yourself: the most beautiful you can become is yourself!