General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions on Renting the Sports Facilities of Wageningen UR

  1. The occupier is liable for all damage which is directly or indirectly caused by him, including the damage that is inflicted to the facilities and everything that is on or in it by or on everyone who is rightfully present on or in the rented facilities.
  2. Wageningen UR is never liable for missed, lost or damaged objects.  
  3. Wageningen UR is never liable for injury or other damage that is inflicted on the occupier or everyone who is present with permission of the occupier on or in the facility.   
  4. Everyone who is culpable of breach of the peace and/or misconduct will be removed without prior warning from or out of the facilities and the sports complex. 
  5. In cases not covered by these conditions, the manager will decide. The occupier must precisely follow the rules that are established by the manager, caretaker(s) or others who are appointed for the purpose of facility management. 
  6. The manager retains the right to enter the facilities at any time during use, to change these conditions or to make supplementary conditions.   
  7. The entire facility is non-smoking.
  8. The consumption of food and drink is forbidden in the sports hall, squash courts, fitness centre and tribune.   
  9. Cars, motor vehicles and bicycles must be parked in the areas designated for each.
  10. The placement of advertising boards and texts is forbidden on or in the rented facilities. Advertising on clothing is allowed.   
  11. As a rule, rental requests will only be dealt with if they have been submitted at least one month in advance.   
  12. Rental requests will also only be dealt with if they are submitted by one of the sitting board members. As such, requests from members, captains, and the like will not be considered.
  13. If a contract has been signed and the event does take place for one or another reason, then the reservation needs to be cancelled in writing.   
  14. Cancellations have to be submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to the event. If this period has lapsed, we reserve the right to charge 10% of the rental amount of the rented facilities for administration costs with a minimum of €12.50 for the sports hall and €12.50 for the other facilities.