The main responsibility of the six members of the SWU Thymos Board is to represent the sportive Wageningen students. Each year the Board consists of six new students.

Apart from a chair, secretary / vice chair and treasurer, also a commissioner PR and two commissioners sports are part of the Board. Throughout the year the Board organises many events like the Sportsnight, Battle of the Studies and dance-evening. Besides we make sure that at least once a month you can do a special ‘Experience’, this means we organise activities that most people have never done before like flowboarding and gliding, but also 'apenkooien' and rope skipping! We also make sure that there are always several kinds of internal competitions in knotsbal, volleyball, indoor and outdoor football. Moreover, the Board distributes subsidies among the 31 student sports clubs and individual athletes who play sports at recognized associations. The Board helps students to participate in national sport events and makes sure that small materials are sufficient for all sporting students. Besides these tasks, there are many more services Thymos has to offer to students with sports rights.

At the moment the Board consists of:

  • Chairwoman: Anne Walters
  • Secretary: Sifre van Teeffelen
  • Treasurer: Serena Horsmans
  • Commissioner of Sports: Tijmen van den Broek