Partners of SWU Thymos

De Sportraad

De Sportraad offers as advocate the sports associations in Wageningen a platform with which they can exercise influence to the creation and performance of the local sport policy. To promote the functioning of the associations and the mutual collaboration, meetings will be organized where knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer are central. The chair of SWU Thymos takes place every year in the board of de Sportraad, as an advocate of the student sports associations in Wageningen.

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Studentensport Nederland

SWU Thymos is one of the umbrella student sports organizations (OSSO’s) in the Netherlands. These OSSO’s are under the flag of Studentensport Nederland (SSN). SSN looks after the interests of the student sports on a national and international level. The membership of SWU Thymos with SSN offers SWU Thymos and it’s ssa’s among other things the possibility to organize and participate in NSK’s.

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