Rent and sale

Rent of material

SWU Thymos gives you the opportunity to lend materials for certain sports events. You can lend the materials at the office of the Board in Sports Centre de Bongerd. Keep our office hours in mind. Also, a WURcard is needed in order to lend the materials.

For the following materials a rent will be charged and you will need to hand in a deposit. This can either be a personal OV-chip card or a student card OR € 50,- cash.

  • Megaphone (costs € 2,50 per piece)
  • Radio telephones (costs € 2,50 per set of two)
  • Stopwatches (costs € 2,50 per piece)
  • Knotsen (costs € 2,50 per knots)

The next materials require no costs, you do however have to hand in a deposit: your personal OV-chip card or a student card AND € 50,- cash.

  • Digital photo camera
  • GoPro

For payments we accept cash only. The lending period is 24 hours (week days) or a weekend. If this period is exceeded, extra costs will be charged.

For more information you can email us:


SWU Thymos also sells two products:

  • Knotsball stick € 8,50 each
  • Frisbee € 10,- each

These materials can be picked up at our office and need to be paid in cash.

If you want to lend something from the sports centre, please inform at the reception for the possibilities.