Meeting: Low Body Mass Index? Do's and Don'ts in sports

Do you exercise on a regular basis? Lovely! It boosts your health and confidence. Is your BMI low or very low? And do you want to discover how to gain strength or assess when you recovered after training? Welcome to this meeting!

Do you feel like your day revolves around what you eat? Or do you struggle with disordered eating? Then, regardless of your body type, it can be a relief to discover that you are not alone. And hearing the experiences of others may help in finding your own balance on your way to recovery. 

In this meeting, there will be:

  • A short information lecture
  • Discussions about relevant statements and
  • Plenty of time for questions, brainstorms and sharing your own experiences

The meeting is hosted by a sports teacher and supported by Thymos and Sports Centre de Bongerd.

When: 7th of April 2022
Group size: 20 people (live, in meeting room at Sports Centre de Bongerd)

Sign up via: Meeting: Low Body Mass Index? Do's and Don'ts in Sports ( Signing up is needed so we know how many people to expect, the other participants are not able to see who else subscribed. 

If you cannot attend via a live meeting on campus, send us an email emailadres van Thymos. If many requests are sent, we might organize an online meeting as well (different date). The meetings are not recorded.