Student Sports Associations

Besides the individual sports, there are also a number of Student Sports Associations, run by and for students, which each specialize in their own sport. Besides practices, these associations also organize social activities on their own and are a great place to get to know people with common interests. Keep in mind that besides club membership, you will need to have annual sportsrights at Sports Centre de Bongerd, in order to join these associations.

As of 2024, 32 different student sports associations are a part of SWU Thymos. Besides these associations, there are also 10 acknowledged associations which are not specifically for students, but work together with SWU Thymos in order to provide a large assortment of different sports students can join in- and around Wageningen.

Wageningen student sports associations with a website
Archery WAC Flyer
Athletics W.A.V. Tartlétos Flyer
Badminton BC De Lobbers Flyer
Basketball S.B.A. Sphinx Flyer
Boxing De Grondleggers Flyer
Climbing W.S.A.C. IBEX Flyer
Cycling racing W.S.W.V. Hellingproof Flyer
Dance - Ballroom WuBDA Flyer
Dance - Urban and Contemporary The Student Dance Factory Flyer
Diving W.S.D.A. The Seadragons Flyer
Fencing W.S.S.V. De Schermutselaers Flyer
Football GVC Wageningen Flyer
Frisbee WAF Flyer
Gymnastics WSTV Split Flyer
Handball W.H.V. Centauri Flyer
Horseback riding A.W.S.R. Hipac St. Joris Flyer
Ice Skating W.S.S.V. IJzersterk Flyer
Jiu Jitsu De Grondleggers Flyer
Korfbal W.S.K.V. Débaldérin Flyer
Lacrosse Wageningen Warriors Flyer
Pole Gymnastics WSPV Allegra Flyer
Quadball Wageningen Werewolves Flyer
Rowing W.S.R. Argo Flyer
Sailing WSZV Aqua Flyer
Strength training Wageningen Beasts Flyer
Squash Ballistic Flyer
Survivalrun WOEST Flyer
Swimming S.Z.V. Aquifer Flyer
Table tennis S.T.T.V. De Stuiterd Flyer
Tennis G.T.C. Walhalla Flyer
Unihockey WUV Stick Together Flyer
Volleyball WaHo Flyer
Waterpolo W.S.W.V. Pila Ictus Flyer

Who can become a member of a Student Sports Association?

  • All WUR Students
  • Students from other dutch universities (except open universities)
  • Students from Aeres or CHE
  • PhD Candidates
  • Exchange Students who are currently studying at WUR

For all members of Student Sports Associations it is mandatory to have valid year sportsrights at Sports Centre "de Bongerd".

Remaining as a member of a Student Sports Association after graduation?

WUR alumni can remain a member of a student sports association for up to 5 years after graduation. You will need to have association sportsrights for as long as you stay a member of the association.

  • Questions about staying a member? Contact us on or come see us at our office!