Subsidy contribution acknowledged associations

Members of Thymos acknowledged sports clubs can get a subsidy on the subscription fee of the club. Only students with sportsrights can apply for this subsidy.

Students who are members of an acknowledged sports association can apply for a subsidy on their contribution from SWU Thymos, provided that this sport cannot be practiced in competition at SWU Thymos. SWU Thymos recognizes the sports associations HSC Matchmakers, St. Sankaku, De Wageningse Golfclub, WMHC, KenKon, Judoschool Ichido, De Paardengroep, Rugby Club Wageningen, Zweefvliegclub Deelen, Keltenwoud and chess club Wageningen. Students that have sports rights can apply for a subsidy for their contribution of one of these acknowledged sports associations.

The subsidy amounts to a quarter of the contribution of the sports association recognized by SWU Thymos, with a maximum of € 50,- per person per year. An application deadline of 1 January applies to all recognized associations. Subsidy applications for this can be made on the contribution paid for the entire year in question. Payment takes place in January / February after the relevant year.

A grant application will only be processed if the form has been completed in full. Proof of the deducted contribution costs must also be added to the application, such as a copy of the bank statement. The form can be submitted digitally or on paper in the SWU Thymos mailbox.