Subsidy for the organisation of sports events

Subsidy for organizing Dutch Student Championships

It is possible to receive a conditional grant from SWU Thymos for a NSK of up to € 200. The budget of the NSK must be submitted to SWU Thymos at least three months before the NSK takes place. This budget is discussed in the weekly meeting of the SWU Thymos board, after which the organizing committee is notified whether it has been approved / rejected.

In case of a positive result, the profit must be divided proportionally between the subsidy providers, SSN (if they have provided subsidy) and SWU Thymos. The amount may not exceed the conditional grant. In case of a negative result, the loss will be entirely at the expense of SWU Thymos. However, in the event of the organizing committee's negligence, the relevant SSA is responsible for the loss. If there is a high probability that the budget will be exceeded in any way by 15% or more, the committee should contact SWU Thymos (see regulation 4, art. 3).

Sponsorbudget WUR (for events including Dutch student championships)

Through SWU Thymos it is possible to claim the WUR sponsorbudget. The application must be submitted to SWU Thymos, after which the SCB will decide whether this application will be accepted. This sponsorship opportunity from WUR aims to promote the university and increase its brand awareness. The maximum amount that can be applied for is € 300 and the request must be submitted at least one month before the event. Applications that are submitted later can only be approved if there is still budget left. The university donates € 2,270 annually for this sponsorship. So here the rule applies: first come, first served.

The sponsor application contains at least the following:

  1. Name of event and desired sponsor amount
  2. General information about the event or tournament
  3. A budget with the income and expenses of the event
  4. An overview of the possibilities of sponsoring the WUR

Details can be found in the application form below.

After the event, an evaluation report must be written and submitted to SWU Thymos within three months of the event. This report must briefly outline the course of the event and the promotion of WUR must also be clearly presented and demonstrable (photos, flyers, posters, program booklet, etc.). When these requirements are met, the WUR sponsorbudget will be paid out.

If you want to know more and / or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!