Subsidy on individual events (including NSK's)

Sports rights holders can request a subsidy for national and international sports events. This subsidy is provided to promote participation of Wageningen students in events by means of financial support.

A subsidy can be requested for two events per sport per calendar year. An exception to this are NSKs (National Student Championships). In addition to the subsidy for two events per sport, several subsidy applications can be made for NSKs. The subsidy per event amounts to a maximum of half of the registration costs up to a maximum of € 25,-. The maximum amount you can request is € 45,- per person per year. The registration fee must be at least € 10 to be eligible for this subsidy. Applications for this grant must be submitted within one month after the event.

The subsidy form can be filled in digitally or handed in on paper in the SWU Thymos mailbox. Proof of participation, such as a results list, and proof of payment, such as a copy of your bank statement, must be included. The grant application will only be processed when the form has been completed in full and proof of participation and payment have been added. Payment of the subsidy will take place in January after the relevant calendar year.