A Master’s teaches you a lot more than merely skills in scientific research

Student Management, Economics and Consumer Studies
Prior Education: Facility Management HAN University of Applied Sciences

Prior Education

Two-and-a-half years ago I proudly received my Bachelor’s diploma Facility Management - Academy Diendoort. Despite of this great achievement and the fun experiences in practice during my internships at the event complex Gelredome and Hospital Rijnstate I had the feeling that I was not done learning yet. I still found the field of Facility Management too interesting and thanks to development work and a trip through India I became even more motivated to continue my studies. However, scientific research hadn’t sparked my interest during my Bachelor’s and this some what held me back from starting a Master’s. After having had contact with multiple students from the WUR I became enthusiastic enough to accept the challenge. With the acquired knowledge from the previous year, I can now wholeheartedly state that a Master’s teaches more than merely skills in scientific research.


At the moment I am busy with my second year of the specialisation Facility Management within the Master’s Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. The offers for Master’s for Facility Management are limited and, how cliche it may sound, the WUR immediately felt right to me. The variation in courses, the freedom in getting to plan your own study career and the ambiance on campus persuaded me to enroll at the WUR. A choice that I don’t regret. In the beginning I was thrown into the deep end as University of Applied Sciences student. More was expected and I was left to my own devices. A big challenge, but thus the greater is the satisfaction when the hard work is eventually rewarded with good grades. The fun part of the Master’s is that there is a lot of alternation between individual and group work. During the group work there is intense collaboration between students with different applied sciences or research university backgrounds, this makes it extra interesting and has a positive effect on knowledge development. Furthermore one learns to approach subjects from different angles, so, one learn to think in a more broad and critical way by which one can see a lot more possibilities and solutions and gain a helicopter view. I am convinced that these qualities are of great value in practice.


During my Master’s I have started to appreciate scientific research more and more, especially in the field of Facility Management because herein there are still a lot of facets to be found out. I have discovered that I find the influence of a surrounding on the behaviour and well-being of a person very interesting. This goes for public spaces as well as office buildings. Therefore I will lay my focus on this subject in my thesis and I am really looking forward to conducting this research starting in January!

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