After completing my Bachelor’s I was looking for more profoundness within the plant world

Student Plant Sciences
Prior Education: Garden and Arable Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch

Prior Education

Due to my affinity with the agricultural business at home it was promptly clear to me that after graduating high school I would start at the HAS Den Bosch. Here I started with the program Garden and Arable Farming. It is a really broad program with marketing and management as well as economics, but also breeding, plant physiology and cultivation technical courses.
A program in which a student stands close to the field. My internships and graduation project took place at Agrifirm Plant, Maatschap Breukers, ZLTO, Van Den Borne Aardappelen and Teer Viva Brasil.

Choice for the Master’s Plant Science

After graduating my Bachelor’s I was looking for more profoundness in the plant world. The University of Wageningen, with which I had worked together during my graduation project, was a logical choice for me. The ample choice in the amount of courses gave me room to specialise in the direction that drew me the most.

Experience with the Master’s Plant Sciences zijn

In the first year of my Master’s I took courses, after which, in February, I used my gained knowledge to start my graduation project at the South-East Dutch beet Cooperation CSV Covas in the context of a top farming project.
Within this project I laid out a trial field where the effects of calcification together with the use of precision farming were hollowed out. After completing this graduation project I would like to stay within this field of research or start at a supply company within the agricultural sector.

In short, Wageningen, ‘the city of science’, will make this possible for me in particular and is a step that one certainly will not regret.

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