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Alumna Christine Gangl

Christine Gangl studied Geo-Information Science in Germany. She specialised in Geo-Information and Public Works, which is a combination of land surveying, remote sensing, statistics and business sciences. For her thesis, she had the opportunity to work with a commercial GIS company on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for spatial data acquisition.

The multicultural study and work experience, combined with an international atmosphere, provides me with a diversity of working opportunities.

After finishing her bachelor, she wanted to go abroad and ended up in Wageningen. She chose this master because of the variety in courses and the opportunity to obtain a minor degree in Land Degradation and Development.

“I had a great time in Wageningen! In the second year of my master, I was a member of the board of an international student organisation.”

Cristina did a master internship in San Diego, USA, where she worked for an NGO, focusing on climate change and the renewable energy potential of Russia. After obtaining her master, Christina got a job as a GIS analyst in a start-up company in Scotland. In a small setting, she worked on the management of several projects. One of these projects focused on developing a Geospatial Viewer for the water sector; an interactive map to make daily tasks such as investigating incidents or planning easier to accomplish. Currently, Cristina works as a data analyst in the operations department of a communication company. Thanks to the wide range of topics and skills that she learned during her studies, it was easy for her to adapt to a new field, she says. Nowadays, she has shifted her focus to statistical analyses that provide information for the production department in its day-to-day activities and planning.

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