Alumnus testimonial

Alumna Christy van Beek

In 1998, Christy van Beek graduated in Soil, Water and Atmosphere, with a specialisation in soil fertility. She has always been very interested in the interaction between soil and crops, which has played a major role in her further career.

My work is very interdisciplinary and that makes it so special. I learn so much about different disciplines: sociology, economics, agronomy, you name it!

After graduation, Christy obtained her PhD in nutrient dynamics in Dutch peat soil at Alterra, one of the research institutes of Wageningen UR.

Although Christy enjoyed doing her PhD on the topic, but as the years passed, her interests in tropical soil fertility grew. Alterra gave her the opportunity to switch her orientation and as a result of this, she is now working as the programme coordinator in food safety. As programme coordinator, she initiates proposals for businesses who aim to sustainably improve soil quality. Christy also is scientific coordinator for a project in Ethiopia; together with a team of 70 people she works on improving food safety.

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