Alumnus testimonial

Alumna Iris Groenenberg

During her time as a bachelor student in Nutrition and Dietetics, Iris Groenenberg realised that doing research is her passion and she decided to pursue an academic career.

I really learned something in Wageningen. Especially my courses in statistics and methodology have proven themselves very useful to me!

In 2009, she obtained her masters in Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University and is currently working as a PhD student at the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center). There, she is conducting research on different strategies to reach vulnerable populations for preventive screening for cardiometabolic disease.  An example of such a population are the non-Western immigrants. They are, like native Dutch from lower socioeconomic classes, more likely to develop cardiometabolic disease. The problem is that they are hard to reach for preventive research. Iris has worked together with these people to find out how this problem can best be solved. 

Iris has almost finished her PhD and she is satisfied with the results: she managed to reach 70% of her study population! In this way, the first steps are made to improve the healthcare system, especially for those who need it most.

Iris has positive memories of her time in Wageningen. She vaues the quality of small scale education.

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