Alumnus testimonial

Alumnus Fedor Gassner

Fedor Gassner obtained his Master in Biology at Wageningen University in 2006.

What I love, is that my knowledge of biology is directly applicable in society!

He continued his career with a PhD on the ecology of Lyme’s disease at the Chair Group Entomology. Fedor currently works at the National institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Within the RIVM, he works for the department of Infectious Diseases on the prevention of tick bites and Lyme’s disease. Fedor does not only conduct research into Lyme, he also works on education regarding ticks and Lyme’s disease. Together with several colleagues, he has made flyers and a movie, and has even developed a game for children that teaches them about ticks, the risks related to them, and how they can recognise tick bites.

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