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Alumnus Jan Gorter

Jan Gorter graduated in 1985 as a landscape architect at Wageningen University. Ever since, he has been employed at the Dutch organisation Natuurmonumenten, which governs many different nature areas in the Netherlands. Over the years, Jan has hold over ten different positions within the organisation!

Whenever I needed change, I could take the job that I wanted most, which fit me best at that point in time

He started his career as biologist and worked – amongst others – on land policy, nature development, policy development and programme manager. Now, Jan is the head of the department in Gelderland. This means that he is responsible for the management of large nature reservations and about 600 monumental buildings, such as farms and castles. Furthermore, he is responsible for the communication with the public and stakeholders.

It is difficult for Jan to say which job he liked best. He loves his current job, too, he says. He whistles on his way to work! Every day is completely different; the variety is what he likes most of his current position. One day he works with farmers; the next day he meets with government officials, the executive board of Natuurmonumenten or with his personnel. The topics range from future plans for the management for Dutch nature conservation to daily business topics within the organisation.

The secret to Jan’s success: “Choose whatever you love most, because that is most likely the thing that you’re capable of doing best!”

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