Alumnus testimonial

Alumnus Jan Huitema

Jan Huitema studied Animal Sciences and Animal Production Systems at Wageningen University.

It is an enormous honour to be able to do something for these people.

In 2008, he obtained his degree and traded Wageningen for Brussels, where he went to work for Jan Mulder, a member of the European Parliament for the VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy). Jan quickly became fascinated by European politics and wanted to contribute himself. He got onto the ballot and was able to convince the Netherlands that the EU could do with a farmer’s perspective.

He now works as a member of the European Parliament in Brussels, and it suits him well. He primarily focuses on the agricultural- and food sector. He is a member of the agricultural committee and alternate member of the environmental committee. The work weeks are busy, full of planned appointments and meetings with politicians, lobbyists and other stakeholders.
Jan is very grateful for his job and believes it is very special that he is able to help farmers, horticulturalists, and fishermen who may not always know how to find their way to Brussels.

“It is an enormous honour to be able to do something for these people.”

Fortunately, he can put his suit away on the weekends, when he puts on an overall and wellies and recharges himself while working on his parents’ dairy farm.

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