Alumnus testimonial

Alumnus Jorrit Noordhuizen

In January 2011, Jorrit graduated from his MSc in Landscape Architecture with an outstanding thesis, for which he was awarded several prizes. It is, therefore, no surprise that HOSPER, the design firm where he did his internship was eager to offer him a job. His next job was at IAA Stedenbouw and Landschap in Enschede, where he gained further experience and met his current business partner, Wieteke Nijkrake. Next, he worked for three years at Karres+Brands.

I was assigned to some pretty amazing projects while there, both in the Netherlands and abroad. It was difficult to leave such an excellent company.

Together with Wieteke, who studied Architecture at TU (Technical University) Delft, Jorrit entered a number of competitions and won several prestigious prizes. This didn’t immediately lead to their first projects together, but it gave them a way to promote themselves to future clients. It was also a confirmation for Jorrit and Wieteke that a potential partnership would be successful, giving them the confidence to start their own design firm. After a year, they founded NOHNIK. Jorrit says, “This type of decision has got a fundamental impact on your life.” They are exceptionally busy with many new clients, among which colleague design firms, municipalities, water boards and project developers.

Jorrit really enjoys his work as an entrepreneur and from what we can see, we can still expect a lot of him in the future!

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