Student testimonial

“Apply knowledge in practice”

"I found this study programme to be a great middle ground between the social and the technical. I didn’t think the technical part was that hard, but it was certainly challenging enough. You can also choose a minor in the third year to add more (or fewer) technical elements. Fortunately, the knowledge gained during the International Land and Water Management degree programme is frequently applied in practice. You don’t get the idea that you are dealing with a purely theoretical study programme. You are actually starting at the foundation of the application. For example, you analyse irrigation systems and then create a proposal to use them more efficiently.”

This is a great middle ground between the social and the technical

Small scale
“The small group sizes for education was also a reason to choose Wageningen. You receive a lot of guidance as there is typically one lecturer for every seven students. For the larger study programmes, you sometimes have a project group, which is fairly common here. Doing that much group work is great once you finish your study programme, when it is important to know how to collaborate well. I also think it was really great that we only had two courses per period: a morning course and an afternoon course. You can really delve into the topics. You have a lot of contact hours, which really helps you dig deeper into the material.”

Moon Weijens, Master's student