Student testimonial

Student Klaudia Gawronska - BSc Food Technology

I was sure I wanted to move out of Poland when I was searching for universities I could apply to. My high school offered extended courses in biology, mathematics and chemistry, so I was searching for a programme I could do with that knowledge. My Polish friends were mostly aiming at medicine, but I was sure that was not my calling. At first, I was planning to do biotechnology, so I started looking for universities in the Netherlands that could offer something similar. Wageningen University and Research seemed to be a very interesting option that I found quickly. Unfortunately, BSc in biotechnology is only offered in Dutch for now, so I looked at English BSc programmes and ultimately decided to apply for Food Technology.

When it comes to my future, I hope to finish the bachelor programme and continue to do the MSc, also in Food Technology.

When did you first hear about your study programme and what did you think about it?
"I chose Food Technology, because it seemed interesting, futuristic and because it was very unlikely I could study something food related in Poland. Even though I started my bachelor during COVID-19, I do not regret that at all. In fact, I think I got more of a university experience than the majority of my friends from back home! It definitely has something to do with the fact that I had to move to Wageningen and start living in student accommodation, which has also helped me with finding new friends and feeling more at home – something especially difficult with many restrictive measures taking place at that time. Although I am only almost done with my first year, I am pretty sure I chose a programme that I really like. First year offers a lot of general courses which are supposed to even out our knowledge, but there are some food-related courses along the way and they are definitely worth waiting for.

Having taken the food-oriented courses, I would say I really like this study, because in case studies or other practical aspects I can already feel that I am doing something related to the topic of the programme – that seems like a big achievement, considering I have only done Food Technology for a year. It also makes me very excited for the next year!"

What do you think about the student life in Wageningen?
"When it comes to my student life, it was sadly severely restricted due to everchanging corona measures. I am a part of the ESN student association. I joined them in early September in order to meet more people and have a chance to participate in student activities, despite the situation. However, after the implementation of the curfew in the winter months, I have stopped being as active as I used to be. That is also because I finally managed to meet the majority of people from my year and I am a part of a group of friends I really like! In my free time I really like doing classes at the Bongerd gym, like Steps or Modern Jazz."

What does your future look like?
"When it comes to my future, I hope to finish the bachelor programme and continue to do the MSc, also in Food Technology. I am not sure yet of my specialization, but there is still plenty of time to focus on that. Hopefully, I will be also allowed to do Erasmus in France – I would love to go to Bordeaux and participate in wine making courses there!"

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