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Chris - Project consultant

Chris came to Wageningen for his master's because he wanted to know more about the economics behind the agricultural sector. Watch the video to get a glimpse of a day in the life of his work. Or read the full story below.

In my work, I want to contribute to feeding 9 billion people in 2050.

A week in the life of Chris

Name: Chris
From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Studies: MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies
Job: Project consultant

Can you give a short introduction of yourself?
"My name is Chris and I graduated from the master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies with Agricultural Economics as specialisation. Before studying in Wageningen, I did my bachelor's studies in Economics and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

I decided to do my master's studies in Wageningen to learn more about the economics behind the agricultural sector. During my study time, I still lived in Amsterdam, as travelling to Wageningen by train was very easy."

Since you graduated, what kind of jobs did you have?
"After graduation, I started as a trainee at Rabobank, one of the largest banks worldwide in the agricultural sector. Until the last months of my study, I never thought about working at a bank. To feed the world, also good finance is essential, so joining Rabobank as a Wageningen alumnus turned out to be a more logical option that I expected.

At Rabobank, I am currently part of the strategy department. My team helps to follow the progress of the strategic projects of the bank. The team also thinks about new strategic projects that help the bank to better fulfil its mission: helping to feed 9 billion people in 2050."

What are your future goals?
"In my work, I want to contribute to feeding 9 billion people in 2050. Currently, I try to do that at Rabobank, but there are so many actors involved in solving the global food issue. Maybe I will move to The Hague in the future to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Economic Affairs or to Rome to work at the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations."

And last, could you tell us how your time at WUR helped you to get where you are now? Also, what is your advice to current students?
"I loved studying in Wageningen, even while not living there. The atmosphere at the university is relaxed. Professors and study advisers are easy to approach and happy to help. The network of one professor helped me in getting an internship at the Dutch embassy in London. The mandatory internship is of great added value to many master's programmes. It helped me to get some working experience in an international setting.

I also really appreciated the good help of my thesis supervisor during the writing of my thesis. He really showed commitment to help me deliver the best possible thesis. I was able to use the internship to experience whether I wanted to start my career in the diplomatic field and the thesis to experience whether I wanted to do a PhD. Wageningen University gives master's student these opportunities to really think what will be the best start of your career."

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