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I want to focus more on scientific research and become more knowledgeable in Molecular Plant Biotechnology

Student Plant Biotechnology
Prior Education: HLE Molecular Plant Biology, HAN University of Applied Sciences

Momentarily I am busy with my graduation research in which I study the protein-protein interactions in the plant during a pathogen infection.
Tieme Helderman, student Plant Biotechnology

Prior Education

Even during my previous program, Higher Laboratory Education (HLE) with specialisation Molecular Plant Biology, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus myself more on scientific research. Even though I have affinity for working in the lab I don’t see myself working in a full time lab job. Also, I wanted to become more knowledgeable in Molecular Plant Biotechnology. This made me decide to do the Master’s Plant Biotechnology.


I organised my Master’s program together with my Study Advisor. During my Bachelor’s I had already done a minor at the WUR, wherein I had already taken a couple of Master’s courses. What drew me to the Master’s Plant Biotechnology at the WUR is that there is freedom to chose all of your courses, therefore one can really specialise or broaden their knowledge. Now, one year further I can say that the transition from HLE to a University isn’t so big at all; the only difference is the pace at with the course material is handed to you. That is why I haven’t regretted my choice to do a Master’s once.

Thesis, Internship and Future

Momentarily I am doing a specialisation in Molecular Plant Breeding and Phytopathology within the Master’s Plant Biotechnology. In the first year of my Master’s I mainly took courses concerned with plant breeding and Phytopathology. At the moment I am writing my major thesis (big graduation research) at the Department of Phytopathology in which I am studying the protein-protein interactions in a plant during pathogen infections. This topic really speaks to me and therefore I am planning on writing my minor thesis within this topic as well, however abroad. After my Master’s I would really like to continue with conducting scientific research, maybe a PhD?

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