Jentse Hoekstra - Policy Officer Water Affairs

Jentse Hoekstra obtained his MSc in Landscape Architecture and applied for the traineeship at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Over the last year, he has been working as a Policy Officer Water Affairs there.

Jentse really wants to contribute to society, he says. As a government trainee, he followed an intensive two-year programme, where he had to deal with a wide range of affairs. Jentse worked on spatial planning, the Delta Programme, sustainable biomass and a number of international projects. He concluded his traineeship at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment with the International Directorate and the Top Sector Water. During his traineeship, Jentse learned about topics such as public administration, law, diplomacy, communication and ministerial responsibility.

After the traineeship, Jentse was appointed as a Policy Officer at the Directorate General Space and Water, where he is involved with the national water policy. Part of his daily work is accounting for the water policy to parliament and citizens. Jentse is also responsible for commissioning to the Department of Waterways and Public Works, and is involved in stimulation the inflow and training of young workers into the Dutch water sector. Jentse would like to remain in his current job for a number of years in order to gain more knowledge and experience.

"The study was a great basis for the traineeship," Jentse says. "I liked the integrated approach to work, interconnecting things; I have learned to think associatively." These are valuable skills in his current position. He strongly advises students to make good use of the opportunity to take optional classes within the Master. This makes it easier to communicate specific knowledge and interests to others.

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