Alumnus testimonial

Jos Bregman

I graduated as an engineer of Environmental Hygiene back in 1992. Then I wondered: was I going to become old sitting behind a computer and at conference tables with only the occasional chance for field work?

Jos Bregman, artist, tree expert and Internet professional
When I was 14 years old I made windmill blades by sawing resin covered pitch pine and I remember thinking: I would happy growing old just smelling this wood.
Jos Bregman, artist, tree expert and Internet professional

Since then I strove and became an artist, tree expert and Internet professional. And every day I can smell the wood in my workshop. I also spend a lot of my time out doors: I cut giant trees into pieces, like an old oak tree in Zoelen (NL). I hand out trees in my network: my group of friends, all customers of a company, LinkedIn groups. Everyone gets his part of what used to be a tangible whole. In this way I create balance in virtual networks. I've come to realise that this fulfills a need.

Recently I continued to develop by studying European Tree Worker. Because I'm also a caretaker of trees, I can now harvest the whole tree myself including the branches at the top. I then feel like a modern day druid, except that my saw isn't made of gold. And for school children I built the Nature Access Intranet. Children who want to be part of nature should have quick and simple to access it!

Since then I've managed to weave Nature Access with commercial business. I work as Manager Sustainability at video butler Imotions company, where I have Corporate Social Responsibility Policy under my care.

Finally, I was drawn to the Bulgarian nature, where I've created a series of art projects: Part Time Neighbour and Nature Access Honey.

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