Student testimonial

Peter Melvin on exchange - BSc Animal Sciences

The exchange program of the European Union is called Erasmus+. The Erasmus programme entails that you can study at Universities abroad, without paying extra tuition fees. With this programme, third-year bachelor student Peter Melvin went on exchange to the University of Reading and tells below about his experiences.

There are so many incredible opportunities that come with studying abroad, I honestly cannot recommend it enough!

Why did you go on exchange to the UK?

"When I initially heard about the programme and what it offers, I decided that it was something I was really keen to get involved in. I made the decision that I wanted to study abroad in the UK because I wanted to improve my English.

I went to the University of Reading to study Animal Sciences, which I really enjoyed. I chose to apply to Reading as it is located one hour west of London, whilst not having the same living prices that London includes. The people in Reading were incredibly friendly. I found them especially helpful when organising my accommodation."

What was it like to study at the University of Reading?

"Let’s talk about the study first. Studying in the UK is very similar to studying in Wageningen when it comes to the lectures in general, but there are some differences as well. In Reading you will need 40% to pass your modules, whereas in Wageningen, it is a 55% pass mark. Another difference is that, unlike at Wageningen University, exams don’t come straight after the term. Instead they ask you to write dissertations during the term and you get marked throughout the year, with one exam at the end of my course."

What about your social life?

"Over to the fun part! Reading University is a great place to meet a lot of wonderful new people. I have met a lot of other international students, mostly from the EU, such as Germany and the Czech Republic, but also from Canada and America. Not only have I met a bunch of friends for life. Learning different cultures and teaching them about ours has been super fun too! A great place to meet these students is a place called 3sixty: the Student Union which has events on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The best part is that it is located on campus! It has four different rooms, each having a different type of music."

What else did you do in your spare time?

"The university also has a variety of extracurricular activities. During my stay I joined the Rowing society. We met every Saturday and we rowed on the Thames. It is amazing to row at the same places on the river where the Henley Royal Regatta takes place on."

There are so many incredible opportunities that come with studying abroad, I honestly cannot recommend it enough!