Precisely the combination of different disciplines is what I find very interesting

Student Forest and Nature Conservation
Prior Education: Applied Biology, HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch

Prior Education

After 4 years of having had an instructive time at the program Applied Biology at the HAS in Den Bosch, I still felt like I had not finished learning yet. In my opinion I had not done up enough knowledge to start a job. I was on the lookout for new experiences and I wanted to learn more.

During the Master’s Open Day in Wageningen a Forest and Nature Conservation student there told about his experiences with the program. He said that his motivation for the program was that he wanted to ‘save the world’. I was sold immediately as I wanted to do the same.


I started the Master’s Forest and Nature Conservation with the specialisation Management and with the aim to deepen my knowledge of what I had learned at the HAS. The transfer from the HAS to Wageningen I found very doable. Taking courses in English took some getting used to, but thanks to the international environment the English soon came naturally. Also, I did not find it that much more difficult but the pace at which the course material was discussed was quite a bit higher in comparison to the HAS.

Halfway through my first year I realised that Social Sciences suited me a lot better than the Ecology with which I had taken up un till then. I then made the switch to the specialisation Policy and Society. The switch did require me to take up extra courses which meant a study delay.

I took different kinds of courses at different Laboratories: from communication to philosophy, and from nature education to courses about sustainability. The advantage of Wageningen University is that there is an enormous amount of courses to chose from and this way, you can learn a lot about different disciplines. The freedom that there is is super, however it does cause some study delay occasionally.


By now I have passed all of my compulsory courses and I am writing my thesis. I am conducting research on ‘The Meaning of the Dutch nature’. Maybe not a topic which one would think of immediately with regards to the program Forest and Nature Conservation. However, precisely the combination of different disciplines is what I find very interesting. After my thesis I still have to do an internship but where exactly I am not completely sure of yet. My aim is to chose my internship tactically at a company or an organisation where I would like (and could be able) to work later on.

I don’t have concrete plans for the future at the moment. I think that, either way, my broad choice of taken courses will be an advantage. I have knowledge in the fields of Nature as well as of Social Issues. Maybe I will take a function at a communication department at an NGO, of maybe I might do something with nature education. I am keeping all options open.

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