Alumnus testimonial

Promovendus Martijn Vos - Facility Management

I currently work at the consultancy department of Netherlands Railways (NS) as a PhD student. As a PhD student I work in a team which is involved in the development of concepts in the field of customer experience. Besides that I am working for the research group facility management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

At Wageningen University there are many possibilities to broaden and enrich your perspective.

After my bachelor in Facility Management (FM) I realised that I needed to distinguish myself from my fellow FM bachelor students. Especially since there are approximately 1.000 students who annually receive their bachelor degree in FM. Another reason for me to study FM in Wageningen was to challenge my current knowledge on FM and develop a more abstract and scientific way of looking at managerial issues. The combination of practical and scientific knowledge is in my opinion something that not many FM professionals possess.

Within the program there are many possibilities to broaden and enrich your perspective by following courses at other chair groups within the university. I have taken the possibility to follow courses on psychology, finance and urban planning. Furthermore there is plenty of space for personal development by for example studying abroad or joining one of the many different student boards.

In my first year I aspired to a career in operations management or consultancy. I did however gradually discover a hidden passion for research while writing my thesis at NS. This passion brought me to the finals of the master poster competition at the European Facility Management Conference which I eventually won.

In the past few months we have performed experiments with scents and ambient lighting in order to find out which settings influence the customer satisfaction in a positive way. These kind of projects require analytical and scientific skills but I also need to be able to translate the findings to a practical advice. These insights help us to make better decisions in the procurement of trains, refurbishment of the current train fleet and renovation of train stations.