Marin Theloosen

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Speaking, writing and reading in English comes naturally to me now

Student Animal Sciences
Prior Education: Animal and Livestock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch

After visiting the Open Day I already knew it for sure.
Marin, student Animal and Livestock Farming, Animal Sciences

Prior Education

After graduating high school I started with the Bachelor’s Animal and Livestock Farming at the HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch. During my ‘HAS career’ I came to the realisation that I was missing something. Classes with topics that interested me soon became to unprofound. I wanted to know more, specialise myself. Soon it became clear to me that a Master’s at a research university could offer me that.

Continuing my Studies

The first Research University I thought of was Wageningen University. I knew that HAS students transitioned to this University on a regular basis and after visiting the Open Day I already knew it for sure. What drew me most, and from what I have learned a lot to date, is the international character of the University. The fact that an own own study program can be complied also applied as an asset. Besides that, I was curious to the research aspect and if that was something for me.

Animal Sciences

In 2012 I started the Master’s Animal Sciences. A follow-up training that I could start directly without having to do a pre-Master’s. The specialisations that I wanted to do were: Animal Health and Behaviour and Animal Breeding and Genetics. I organised my courses accordingly. As I found nutrition very important as well, I decided to fill my ‘open ECST’s’ with courses from the specialisation Animal Nutrition. It was very nice that I was able to organise my course schedule myself!
At the moment I am graduating. My major thesis I did at the University of Utrecht and it was focussed mainly around lab work. The topic was quality of egg cells (cow). A very challenging assignment through which I learned a lot, among others about IVF and cell cultivation. In my minor thesis, which I am momentarily writing at Wageningen University, I am studying quantitative genetics. I am looking at genetical parameters for different claw disorders in the Montbeliarde.


The start of the program was tough. There was a lot of theory in a short period of time. The pace was high and I had difficulty keeping up. The fact that everything was in English did not help either. Now I do not know better and speaking, writing and reading in English come naturally to me. You have got to bite the bullet, but because the English cannot be gone around it is made own quickly. I have learned a great deal and keep on doing so. For me, it was especially important to keep up with the course material in order to make the learning that much easier.


I hope to graduate soon. I would like to find a job in which I can combine my interests and in which I can make links between research and field. However firstly, I am going to travel. Together with my boyfriend I am going to explore South America and New Zealand. So, I will firstly spend some time enjoying to the fullest before going on to work!

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