Student testimonial

Student Lizzie Richardson - MSc Biotechnology

I left sunny Australia and took a 24-hour flight to the Netherlands and I remember landing at Schipol Airport at 6 am, absolutely exhausted and freezing as the temperature was around 5 degrees.

I was initially drawn to the Netherlands because it was perceived, as a friendly, open country, that was accepting of all cultures and backgrounds.

After what felt like a long train ride, in the dark, as the sun hadn’t risen yet, I ended up at Ede-Wageningen just as it began to snow. I must have looked like a complete wreck as I boarded bus 88 attempting to pronounce the name of my final destination (I still don’t know how to say it correctly). I eventually managed to make it to my room in the snow whilst dragging a suitcase that was not designed for the brick pathway wondering what I had gotten myself into.

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