Student testimonial

Student Nick Kosterink - MSc Biotechnology

Nick Kosterink did not feel the need to look any further after his bachelor Biotechnology at Wageningen University. Nick feels he is in the right place with his master Biotechnology.

I can choose myself whether I broaden or deepen in the master Biotechnology


“I like the fact I can go completely my own way, because I can choose my own courses. Therefore, I can decide myself whether I broaden or deepen myself in my study field.” Nick does a lot of activities in addition to his study, like organizing activities for CODON, the study association of Biotechnology. “I am only that active because the members are nice, of course.” This year, he can aim his enthusiasm at organizing the excursion abroad of the master Biotechnology. “I work together with 2 teachers who have contact persons in the neighbourhood of our destination, which is Germany and Switzerland this year. We are going to visit companies which have something to do with biotechnology. And in the evening, we will discover the local pubs! As long as you go out of your bed the next morning and you are a bit representative, everything is fine.”
In his study, Nick is mostly interested at cultivating algae and crafting with them. “Algae can recover nutrients like Phosphor  from sewage and waste water of fabrics. And from these algae, bioplastics or biofuel can be made.” Therefore, Nick writes his thesis at the AlgaePARC of Wageningen University.


“For my thesis, I try to identify the right respiration parameters of the algae species Neochloris oleoabundans. These parameters are used for the validation of mathematical models which calculate for instance the growth rate of algae. This information is needed when algae production is up scaled. I measure the  growth of the algae under different light conditions and based on that, I can calculate the respiration parameters.” Nick did not only choose his thesis because of the subject, but also because of his supervisor. “If you do not have a proper supervisor for your master thesis, 6 months is a very long time! I already gave tours at the AlgaePARC and I met my current supervisor there regularly. I always asked him about his current activities. So when it was time for me to start my thesis, I knew whom I could approach for a good thesis subject.” Nick likes working on his thesis. “I love solving provisional problems. There is always something wrong with the algae and each time I have to come up with some creative solution. Sometimes it takes more time than usually, but eventually I always manage. If nothing went ever wrong, it would be boring.  Moreover, I can put my gained knowledge into practice this way!"