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Testimonial Albert-Jan van Zuilichem

My name is Albert-Jan and I have just finished my bachelor Molecular Lifesciences at Wageningen University & Research. A lot of my friends suggested me to do my bachelor thesis at the Nematology department because of the nice atmosphere and helpful people.

Albert-Jan van Zuilichem
I acquired many new skills, from programming in R to Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) research
Albert-Jan van Zuilichem

I sent Jan Kammenga an email and he told me that I could start right away. My work on the indexation of Gene Ontology terms (GO terms) within the model nematode C. elegans has been under the supervision of Mark Sterken, who helped me with acquiring many new skills. From programming in R to Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) research, everything was explained to me and I had a great time learning about the subjects I previously knew little about. I have built a systematic indexation system to easily connect GO-terms to QTL as well as expression QTL (eQTL). This enables researchers without extensive bio-informatics know-how to index their data in a simple unique format to be used with different databases, such as Wormbase.

My time at Nematology has been filled with fun activities such as Sinterklaas and Christmas. Everybody was very welcoming and open from the moment I started working at Nematology, which gave a warm and homey feeling. It made the long days much more enjoyable.

I recommend everyone to check Nematology if you are looking for a place to do your thesis in a helpful, calm, and fun environment.




Albert-Jan van Zuilichem