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Testimonial Alja van der Schuren

During my thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology, I have had a great deal of experiences. I have studied the production of a helminth-protein in plants.

I got a lot of freedom to do the experiments and to come up with new ideas
Alja van der Schuren

August 2014

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Production of the protein-backbone was pretty straightforward, however when taking N-glycosylation into account, the plants’ machinery needed adjustment. The production of the specific N-glycans that we were aiming for, had never been achieved before. Some literature was available on the subject, however the outcome of experiments was always exiting. Results required us to think carefully about next steps in the process and it was nice that my supervisor would really discuss things with me, instead of telling me what was to be done. I got a lot of freedom to do the experiments and to come up with new ideas. Furthermore I got acquainted with techniques I hadn’t had much experience with before. Whenever needed, there was always somebody around to help me. The atmosphere in the lab was great, people were always friendly and never denied me any help. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time and the lab-experiences will definitely be fruitful for my future.