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Testimonial Bas Sijs

I had the pleasure of doing my Bachelor thesis as a guest student at the laboratory of Nematology, supervised by Prof. Jan Kammenga. As I was finishing my bachelor at Hogeschool INHolland this was the first time I stepped foot on the WUR campus and did so for a period of 8 months after which I worked as a student assistant for another 3 months.

Bas Sijs
I worked with a large variety of techniques
Bas Sijs

During my thesis I worked on identifying phenotypes caused by knocking-down diabetes type-2 related CPT-1 expression in C. elegans. To do this I worked with a large variety of techniques, among which the most important ones were RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9.

My supervisor gave me the freedom to work towards the research goal the way that I wanted to do it, giving me the chance to go beyond my capabilities and truly improve myself. The priority was always on learning rather than achieving results, which creates a comfortable environment that makes you want to do more rather than feeling pressured to do so.

The atmosphere at the department of Nematology is unique. It is more relaxed than I’ve experienced in any other research lab. Lunchbreaks were always filled with silly discussions and laughter. My curious nature and tendency to ask more questions than most people would like to answer was met with enthusiasm. At the department of Nematology you can learn from everyone and not just your supervisor. I believe doing a thesis at the department of Nematology is a great opportunity to learn. If you decide to do your thesis at the department of Nematology my tip is to sit with your new colleagues during the breaks, you will not regret it.