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Testimonial Editha Renesteen

During my Master Thesis at the laboratory of Nematology, I worked on the stress response in C. elegans mutant strains. I focused on observing the survival rate of the worms with a deletion in the cuticle genes and compared them to the wild-type. This was a new study for the cuticle genes, and I expected the survival of mutants would differ from the wild-type, which happened. And surprisingly, there was one mutant which shows an intriguing result among other mutants.

... my supervisor and my colleagues are very helpful...
Editha Renesteen

April 2018

This project was very challenging for me since this was my first thesis project and I have no experience to work with this nematode before, especially the mutants. I was given freedom to organize the experimental setup, and it ends up to be a little bit complicated. I found difficulties in data analysis as well as report writing. However, my supervisor and my colleagues are very helpful when I asked them questions about my challenges. I learned a lot how to deal with thesis report writing for a novel study like I did.

Nematology is a very welcoming chair group with two little coffee breaks in the morning and the afternoon as well as a lunch break. The Christmas lunch was also enjoyable, which makes me socialize with the people in the Nematology better. Besides that, the thesis ring was very helpful, and the people in the thesis ring gave me valuable feedback on my thesis writing. All in all, I want to thank Nematology group for every lesson I learn during my 6 months there.