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Testimonial Erwin Fajar Hasrianda

My thesis at the laboratory of Nematology went smoothly. I have to say: during my thesis project there were a lot of challenging tasks involving the latest technology from the biotechnology field. But the togetherness at the Nematology department gave me a nice comforting feeling during this busy period.

The thesis rings gave me a lot of support
Erwin Fajar Hasrianda

April 2016

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It’s true that my project was pretty complicated and stood far from my academic background. I had to study a lot to catch up. The thesis ring gave me a lot of support. I liked it when I got feedback in the thesis ring. It made me see the weakness in my report and they also give me nice feedback on how to deal with those weakness.

Though my English was quite a mess sometimes and could be hard to understand sometimes, no one ever bullied me about that. The people at Nematology were always happy to help me to improve my English in writing or speaking. This made my English to improve quite a lot.

I also liked the PNI lunch in the Orion building every Thursday. We would eat together in a large group; like we were a big happy family. Additionally, the coffee break at 10.00 in the morning and 15.00 in the afternoon made a nice work-structure. I found that these breaks reenergized me and made me more productive during my busy hours.

Unforgettable moments in Nematology are the celebrations. When someone is having their birthday, we would come together in the coffee room and eat some delicious cake. We also celebrate Sinterklaas, have a lovely Christmas lunch and a Halloween party together. Those moments are very memorable moments for me personally, I enjoyed it very much. All in all, I am very happy I did my thesis project at the Nematology department. Thank you for having me there Nema.. :)