Student testimonial

Testimonial Jaap Jan Willig

I have spent both my major and minor thesis at the department of nematology. Under supervision of Geert Smant and José Lozano Torres I studied some fascinating topics in plant-nematode interactions, including reactive oxygen species and small endogenous plant peptides.

Every idea that you bring in is taken seriously
Jaap Jan Willig

October 2017


For my MSc thesis, I was allowed to make up my own research project. Every idea that you bring in is taken seriously. To me, having your own project works very satisfying, and it encourages you to make the best out of it. Another thing that I liked about doing a thesis at nematology was that I had the freedom to work almost independently. By working freely, you will learn what you can improve about yourself to become a successful scientist. 

The department itself feels well organized. The people working there are very kind and whenever you have questions, you can always ask. Besides the group meetings, there is a weekly meeting for students, the so-called thesis-rings. During these meetings, all students discuss and share their experiences in writing a research proposal/report.

Overall, during the very enjoyable time at nematology I learned many things to become a scientist. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in host-parasite/pathogen interactions a thesis at nematology.