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Testimonial Jenny Bakker

In March, I started my bachelor thesis at the laboratory of nematology. My research project was about the effect of a viral infection on alpha-synuclein accumulation in C. elegans. It was my first thesis so I didn’t know what I could expect but very soon, that became clear to me. My project was part of a bigger research, but still it felt as if it was really my own project. I was really encouraged to think critically about the way I did my research and I have learned a lot from that.

Jenny Bakker
I was really encouraged to think critically
Jenny Bakker

My supervisor taught me all the lab techniques that I needed so that I could soon do all the experiments myself. She also gave me feedback when I needed it and whenever I have a question, I could always ask her. I had a thesis ring once a week in which I had to review the report of other students, and they also gave feedback on my report. This was very useful, and improved my writing skills a lot.

From the first moment on, I noticed how well organized the chair group is, which made it easy for me finish everything in time without any study delay. The atmosphere was very friendly, and everybody was willing to help, and interested in the results. There was a coffee break twice a day and a lunch break where the funniest conversations took place.