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Testimonial Jose Bakker

I finished my bachelor in Biology with the best part, the BSc thesis at Nematology. For 4 months I worked on the venom allergen-like proteins (VAPs) and their possible immunomodulatory effects. Other students had already worked on this subject, so there already were some results and a hypothesis. It was my ‘job’ to test it.

Once I got started I actually didn’t want to stop
Jose Bakker

February 2012

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Of course I had to start like anyone else by reading articles and writing a proposal. I was very lucky to have Geert Smant as a supervisor, who helped me get started and taught me how to write a good introduction. Once I got started I actually didn’t want to stop. Although the lab work was not as easy as I expected/hoped, because I had to repeat my experiments over and over again, I wanted to find promising results. Ruud Wilbers was my lab supervisor and he taught me how to work with cells and how to set up my experiments. Both supervisors also gave me very useful feedback on my final article.

Since I am interested in immunology, this subject was perfect for me. I got a chance to work with cells, receptors and cytokines, but that is only one reason why this thesis was the best part of my bachelor. The other reason is the extremely nice and friendly atmosphere. Almost every student on this website mentions this, so it has to be true ;). I made friends during my bachelor thesis. Within a few days it felt like home, but unfortunately all good things come to an end.