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Testimonial Kelly Heckman

My name is Kelly Heckman and I am a second year Msc Plant Biotechnology student. During my bachelor I did an internship within the group of Aska Goverse and Erik Slootweg for localization of the CC domain of potato resistance gene Rx1.

During this time I learned a lot from each project
Kelly Heckman

June 2012

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Later that year I fulfilled my bachelor thesis within the group of Arjen Schots where my supervisor was Ruud Wilbers. For my BSc thesis I worked on a project to obtain a higher expression of transforming growth factor beta in N. benthamiana. For my Msc thesis, I worked with Anna Finkers-Tomczak in the group of Geert Smant. The objective of my MSc thesis was to silence effectors of the potato cyst nematode G. rostochiensis in plants and to optimize agroinfiltration for effector-based screening of potato.

I feel lucky for the opportunity to have worked at the Laboratory of Nematology. During this time I learned a lot from each project. I would like to thank all supervisors and people who helped me with guidance in the lab or answering my questions. Further I would like to thank all members of Nematology for the nice coffee breaks and the fun celebrations. There was always a good atmosphere and people who where sincerely interested in my projects.