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Testimonial Maciej Daniszewski

One of the most important moments during my Erasmus experience was the day when I started working in the Nematology Department.

... I did not have any big problems with my lab work ...
Maciej Daniszewski

August 2012

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My 3 months’ research project focused on R proteins in potato , and I have to say that I had some expectations about the thesis project and my colleagues – I was hoping both to obtain nice results for my future report and make friends as I did outside the lab, but the latter was not as easy as I supposed. Basically, I did not have any big problems with my lab work, and when I did not know something, I just needed to ask about it, and everyone was helping me. All in all, I enjoyed my stay in Wageningen but I consider that I would enjoy it even more if I was able to speak a little bit of Dutch, so I could be more active in the ‘Dutch world’.