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Testimonial Michelle Yang

As a MSc. Biotechnology student who was interested in all kinds of specializations, it was very difficult for me to choose where to do my thesis. However, the opportunity of working with producing cytokines in plants during the immunotechnology course, allowed me to decide that I wanted to continue with a similar topic for my thesis.

I think I even fell in love with the (smell of the) greenhouse
Michelle Yang

March 2012

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Together with my supervisor Ruud Wilbers, we aimed to improve the production of TGF-β in tobacco plant leaves. Ruud is an awesome supervisor: always patient and supportive in teaching techniques and helping me develop a critical attitude towards my results. I learned a lot along the way, and enjoyed my work here very much! I think I even fell in love with the (smell of the) greenhouse, I’m definitely going to miss it!
The Nematology lab is really as everyone describes: extremely open and friendly! In the lab, I felt like I could ask for help from anyone around, and they would do their best to help. Also, they are a very entertaining group, fun and energetic. Lunch and coffee breaks are always full of laughter. They are very welcoming to new-bees and I really felt at home here. Thank you Nematology