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Testimonial Mitra Lovelin Gultom

Doing my thesis in the Laboratory of Nematology was one of the most interesting yet challenging parts of my study in Wageningen. The topic of my thesis is about the genetic architecture of viral susceptibility in model organism C. elegans.

... they handle the thesis students seriously...
Mitra Lovelin Gultom

March 2017

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I measured the susceptibility of introgression line (IL) populations to Orsay virus infection. I also identified the genomic regions that are associated with viral susceptibility in the ILs by performing QTL mapping. I never thought I would be this interested in the complexity of quantitative genetics. When I worked in the lab, my supervisor and the technicians were always keen to help and answer my questions. During my six months stay, I gained many useful laboratory skills and learned how to use R for data analysis.

What I really like from this chair group is that they handle the thesis students seriously and professionally. I think it is because this chair group has a long experience in dealing with thesis students. They try their best to provide the students a good environment to learn. There is a weekly meeting to share our progress, and you can get useful feedback or suggestion if you have any problems with your work. We sit together with people who work with Orsay virus once a week to discuss our own experiment, literature, or learn how to analyse data with R. There is also thesis ring, a weekly meeting to review your writing and help you to improve your writing skills. Therefore, I can guarantee that you will learn a lot. Everybody is nice and very helpful, so you will never feel left behind. I am glad that I did my thesis in Nematology and I actually have convinced a friend to do her thesis in this chair group.