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Testimonial Refik Bozbuga

I had been studying as a master student under European Master of Science in Nematology (EUMAINE) at one of the European leading universities. My thesis term was held in the Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen University, a satellite partner of the EUMAINE program.

... I carried out an Arabidopsis screening on the role of defense genes
Refik Bozbuga

August 2011

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My goal was to find out about the role of plant defense genes in the establishment of feeding sites by root-knot nematodes, under the supervision of Dr. Aska Goverse in the Plant Nematode Interactions group. In this period,  I carried out an Arabidopsis screening on the role of defense genes. 20 Arabidopsis mutants (bak 1.4, edr1, eds4, eds5, eds8, eds9,ein2, etr1, jar1, jin, ndr1, npr1,rfo1, ein3, sid 2.2, npr1.1, rar 1.13, eds1.2, pad4, coi1b, sgt1b3) and 2 wild types (Columbia and Landsberg eracta) were screened against three different Meloidogyne species (Meloidogyne incognita, M. hapla,  M. chitwoodi). Besides the screening, I studied the gene expression of 15 defense-related genes upon infection of wild type Arabidopsis with M. hapla. Both experiments resulted in promising fruitage.

Working experiences here were quite good and everyone was very helpful. I gained lots of experiences while working here and I am heartily thankful to all nematology lab members for offering an outstanding working environment. Frankly, I sincerely believe that this was the best place to study and work.