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Testimonial Richard Singh

My experience at Wageningen University, Nematology Laboratory.
Having done my masters thesis in Wageningen University was a blessing. The diversity of people in the university with such kindness, the nice architecture within the vicinity of nature, and the academic services this university provides makes this university so unique.

Exposure to new technologies makes research so convenient and easy
Richard Singh

October 2014

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In my experience I would say that Wageningen University nematology department places a high priority towards hands on experience, providing much opportunities for students to gain research experiences. This department indeed prepares us the students with knowledge and skills in an era of growing global competition in research, development, and technological innovation. The interaction with professors, post docs, technical staffs and colleagues, all brings everyday knowledge and builds up to real-life experience in research.  

Exposure to new technologies makes research so convenient and easy. What I liked most was that during my research, such nice people surrounded me and it made my research work so much fun and it ends up your day with smile on face. Having come from long distance of the Pacific Islands, the people in the lab made me feel home and I am so thankful for their kindness.

The colloquium session and group presentations brings not only scientific knowledge but in keeps in par with interesting research within the nematology department. In addition to this, the department is full of international students adding an advantage of having international friends.

It was a pleasure to be with Wageningen university nematology family. Thank you so much for accommodating me.

Kind regards,

Richard R Singh


Fiji Islands