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Testimonial Robetauli Mastiur Simangungsong

I was doing my major thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology with the topic about the selected RNA binding proteins against plant pathogenic viruses under the supervision of Octavina C. A. Sukarta and Aska Goverse. My study focuses mainly on functional characterisation of the selected RNA binding protein (RBPs) and its underlying mechanisms in defence response against PVX using a range of assays. For example, transient gene overexpression, a Tobacco-Rattle Virus-based Virus-induced gene silencing mechanism, DAS-ELISA, RNA-Isolation, qRT-PCR, co-immunoprecipitation, RNA-immunoprecipitation, and subcellular-localisation using confocal microscopy.

Hence, all their feedbacks had encouraged me to have a good laboratory performance and to write a good scientific writing thesis report
Robetauli Mastiur Simangungsong

Although I did not familiar with some of the assays beforehand, my supervisor as an expert, kindly taught me about the assays in such a professional way to trigger and built my critical thinking behaviour. I remember that once she said, “if you have a good result but you don’t understand about the protocol and the principal techniques behind, don’t you think that you didn’t do the research right?” Hence, it was immediately the turning point in my way of thinking.

Some of the seniors told me when I started my thesis, “Wow, you are such a lucky to get a project in the Laboratory of Nematology Beta, people are nice there, and they will teach you how to be a bright future researcher.” Furthermore, my study advisor once told me that I am in the right place for learning and developing my professional character as a young researcher. However, I could not understand why they said like that. While working almost six months on the thesis project, I can wholeheartedly agree what the seniors and the study advisor said before. In this department, I learned not only about the thesis project itself but also many things that are worth it for my future career. I learned how to perform the research effectively and efficiently. I also learned how to receive feedbacks positively from the supervisors and the thesis ring colleagues. Hence, all their feedbacks had encouraged me to have a good laboratory performance and to write a good scientific writing thesis report. Furthermore, I always get inspired by the people in this department primarily for their personal and professional characters as researchers. Moreover, I learned how to deal with the failure and broadly thinking how to solve it. Also, standing in front of all Nematology people including Professors, researchers, staffs, and student colleagues during my final thesis presentation was one of the most unforgettable and remarkable moments of my life. I don’t know how it feels if we are the main speaker in giving a talk in front of people with the different background of knowledge, and country of origin in International Conference on Plant Sciences. However, I would say that was my deepest feeling during the final thesis presentation at the Laboratory of Nematology, and therefore I am so grateful for the experience.

Overall, there is always a great environment in the Laboratory of Nematology for students who want to improve and develop their professional characters as a bright future researcher and hence will never feel like a person with no knowledge gained once their thesis finish.